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Film list

JURASSIC WORLD 3 with Omar Sy (2020)

WESTWORLD Season 3 with Vincent Cassel (2019)

GHOST IN THE SHELL with Juliette Binoche (2016)

MOZART IN THE JUNGLE with Monica Bellucci (2016)

BOND 24 coach to Monica Bellucci (2015)

THE LAST FACE coach to Adele Exarchopoulos (2014)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Am. Version) coach to Vincent Cassel (2014)

PARTISAN coach to Vincent Cassel (2014)

EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT coach to Marie-Josee Croze (2013)

MY MISTRESS coach to Emmanuelle Beart (2012)

LES BORGIAS season I coach to Michel Muller (2011)

LES BORGIAS season II coach to Michel Muller (2011)

TRANCE coach to Vincent Cassel (2011)

LANCIA commercial coach to Vincent Cassel

NUIT DE L’HOMME commercial coach to Vincent Cassel

CAPITAL coach to Gad Emlah (2011)

CERTIFIED COPY coach to Juliette Binoche (2010) Best Actress Cannes.

BLACK SWAN coach to Vincent Cassel (2010)

ROBIN HOOD coach to Lea Seydoux (2010)

THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE coach to Monica Bellucci (2009)

JOHN RABE coach to Anne Consigny

BAMBOU/RAPT (2009) coach to Anne Consigny

FAITES DE BEAUX REVES written and acted by self. (2008)

I CAME WITH THE RAIN coach to Yen Khe Nu Tran (Green Papaye) Hong Kong (2007)

NO PROMISES coached Carla Bruni on her second music album (2007)

FAR SIDE OF THE MOON coach to Yves Jacques (theatre 2006)

MY RIGHT HAND coach to Marie-Josee Croze (2005)

DERAILED coach to Vincent Cassel (2005)

THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY coach to Samuel Le Bihan (2004)

MODIGLIANI coach to Elsa Zilberstein (2004)

THE LOST CITY coach to Ines Sastre (2004)

OCEAN’S TWELVE coach to Vincent Cassel (2004)

BLUEBERRY coach to Vincent Cassel (2004)

BLUEBERRY XMTRACK CD coach to Vincent Cassel (2003)

CHARLES II coach to Melanie Thierry (2003)

TEARS OF THE SUN coach to Monica Belluci (2003)

NAPOLEON coach to Christian Clavier, Isabella Rossellini and Yves Jacques (2002)

FAR SIDE OF THE MOON coach to Yves Jacques (2002)

THE RECKONING coach to Vincent Cassel (2001)

LES RIVIERES POURPRES am. Version coach to Vincent Cassel (2001)

LES PACTES DES LOUPS coach to Vincent Cassel and Monica Belluci (2001)

JUST VISITING coach to Christian Clavier (2000)

THE BEACH coach to Virginie Ledoyen (2000)

LES MISERABLES coach to Christian Clavier, Gerard Depardieu, Virginie Ledoyen, Charlotte Gainsbourg (2000)

THE MESSENGER: THE STORY OF JOAN OF ARC coach to Milla Jovovich (1999)

THE DANCER coach to Mia Frye (1999)

SWEPT FROM THE SEA artistic consultant to Vincent Perez (1998)

THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS consultant to film/preparation Vincent Perez (1997)

IL POSTINO coach to Vincent Perez reading poems (1997)

ENGLISH PATIENT coach to Juliette Binoche who won an Academy Award best supporting actress for her performance (1996)

LES VOLEURS coach to Fabienne Babe (1996)

ANNA KARENINE coach to Sophie Marceau (1996)

BETWEEN YOU AND ME wrote lyrics for album (1996)


LE GARCU coach to Fabienne Babe (1995)

ELISA coach to Clotilde Coureau (1995)

COUCH IN NEW YORK coach to Juliette Binoche (1995)

TALK OF ANGELS coach to Vincent Perez (1994)

TOTAL ECLIPSE coach to Leonardo di Caprio, Romane Bohringer, Dominique Blanc (1994)

BLUE coach to Juliette Binoche (1993) won award at Venice

DAMAGE coach to Juliette Binoche (1992)

WUTHERING HEIGHTS coach to Juliette Binoche (1992)

WOMEN AND MEN coach to Juliette Binoche (1991)

LES AMANTS DU PONT NEUF continuity person to director Leos Carax (1989-1990)

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Bond 24
Bond 24
Bond 24
Bond 24
Bond 24

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