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Vernice Klier

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Three Day Schedule: Mondays – April 4, April 11 and April 18. 7-10pm

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Learn the tricks of the trade to make your audition tape stand out! This workshop is guaranteed to bring new insights into your own self tapes and to learn how you can become a stand out amidst the competition.

Goals :

Book the job! Being just good is not good enough – being special is what gets you noticed! Vernice teaches you inside tips and tricks to help you turn your good self tape into a great one and the one that books the job!

What you will Achieve ?

In this workshop, Vernice will take you through exercises and examples, along with helping you work on your own monologues and scenes so you can create an outstanding self tape. She gives you a better understanding of what makes a self tape compelling and unique for YOU and what gives YOU that special edge that casting directors, directors and producers are all looking for.
You’ll come away with skills and abilities to help you land the job and take your own career to the next level!

What others have to say ?

I studied for five years with Vernice Klier who worked on my films and rehearsed my
roles with me. It was Vernice who gave me confidence in myself.

Juliette Binoche Actress,
France 2

Vernice is a true visionary, a gifted artist and a highly effective teacher. When it comes
to art, business of art, communications and education, she is simply the best one out there.
She quickly finds solutions for artists and for people who want to communicate better with
others whether on stage, in film or in person.

Yaniv Rokah, Director QUEEN MIMI

Getting free, creating a safe place to take risks, working simply and honestly, these are
all values Vernice looks for in the actor. Starting from an honest kernel and taking it to
performance level. Vernice creates a safe and nurturing environment conducive to exciting
work. And the work by fellow actors was something to emulate.

Laura Adam D’Arista,

Dear Vernice, thanks to your workshop I just got a part in a series! I used all that I
learned from you, (keywords, drawings, personality appraisal chart…) and GOT THE JOB.
Hip, Hip, Hip!

Zohar Wexler, Acto

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