About Vernice

Vernice has taught movement to film animators and has worked on animated films; she also has worked as a photographer and writer for European magazines. As a painter (with several exhibitions of her work) she helps clients discover their “voice” by extensive drawing and painting. She is often considered a coach to creatives and has had an influence on the careers of a significant number of world-class artists.

As a teacher and facilitator, she directs her students in unique ways using left brain, right brain drawing, extensive work on sense and affective/emotional memory, building self-confidence and self-knowledge through writing and painting while using movement to create natural speech and voice. Scene study, monologue work and improvisation (verbal and non verbal) as well as writing and performing original soliloquies or scenes; are part of the work her students accomplish. Intensive preparation for auditions, interviews and knowledge of business techniques for a creative personality are part of her curriculum for Acting In English. Vernice also works by Skype with actors who are on films as well as working with them on set.

Vernice is grateful to many people who have helped her along her way from the time she was born a month early after a car accident on the way to the hospital, contracted Bulbur polio at 9 years of age (learning to speak again which took several years), her first travels in Europe to recently teaching the deaf how to “talk” on Skype. She is most grateful to the renowned film critic, Gene Moskowitz “Mosk.” whom she accompanied on a six-year battle with leukemia and to her son, Justin Klier Moskowitz who fought a seven-year battle with neuroblastoma. They taught her patience and gave her a new and positive way of viewing her life; now as teacher and coach she accompanies her clients in their growth as artists and professional creatives. That is Vernice Klier’s particular and unique art form.

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