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Vernice Klier is an International Acting and Voice Coach specializing in ACTING IN ENGLISH. She has spent the last 25 years coaching privately a well as on location/on set. Vernice has over 65 films to her credit including the Oscar-winning THE ENGLISH PATIENT where she coached Juliette Binoche, who won an Academy Award for her role on this film. Vernice Klier teaches in Los Angeles several times a year and also works privately with her American clients. She lives in Paris where she coaches French and European actors in theatre and film (Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Beart – full list on, Facebook Official or linked in). Most recently she coached Adele exarchopoulos on a Sean Penn film THE LAST FACE in South Africa and is currently coaching Monica Bellucci for a James Bond film.

As the first woman to graduate from Ringling Bros College of Clowns (see LIFE magazine February 20, 1970) Vernice went on to study acting with Marcel Marceau and Etienne Decroux and eventually taught at the Actor’s Studio (Blanche Salant) in Paris while doing private coaching. She continued studying different methods of acting and discovered a love for coaching artists helping them become the best of themselves. Vernice is a graduate of Goddard College (Vermont) in film and literature with a teaching certificate Art K-12 and also attended the University of Oregon. While attending the University of Oregon, she worked the graveyard shift at Southern Pacific Railroad. In preparation for this work Vernice attended Western Business University in Portland, Oregon studying in a Legal Assistance program.

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Everything will be fine
Les Amants du Pont Neuf
Just Visiting
Les Voleurs
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Le Patient Anglais
A Couch in New York
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The Dancer
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Diction work
Any Text

Multisensory approach (right brain drawing, writing, mime) to authentic natural speech and movement.

Phonetics, enunciation, vocal work from key words.

Building of self-confidence and self-knowledge-extensive work on sense and affective memory.

Standard American speech and some dialects.

Scene study, monologues, improvisation (verbal and non-verbal).

Accent reduction for film, television and stage.

Preparation for auditions and interviews.

Writing and performing an original soliloquy and/or scene.

Private coaching, on-set coaching, ensemble coaching, committed actors only, Assessment interview (free) required.



My client and friend, Yaniv Rokah, wrote and directed this wonderful documentary beginning the shoot with his iPhone.
Queen Mimi
The story of one woman’s survival against all odds. Forced onto the streets at 50, she found “home” in a laundromat. Her passion for pink, and living without looking back, has taken her from homelessness to Hollywood’s red carpets.


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Film List

GHOST IN THE SHELL with Juliette Binoche (2016)

MOZART IN THE JUNGLE with Monica Bellucci (2016)

BOND 24 coach to Monica Bellucci (2015)

THE LAST FACE coach to Adele Exarchopoulos (2014)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Am. Version) coach to Vincent Cassel (2014)

PARTISAN coach to Vincent Cassel (2014)

EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT coach to Marie-Josee Croze (2013)

MY MISTRESS coach to Emmanuelle Beart (2012)

LES BORGIAS season I coach to Michel Muller (2011)

LES BORGIAS season II coach to Michel Muller (2011)

TRANCE coach to Vincent Cassel (2011)

LANCIA commercial coach to Vincent Cassel

NUIT DE L’HOMME commercial coach to Vincent Cassel

CAPITAL coach to Gad Emlah (2011)

CERTIFIED COPY coach to Juliette Binoche (2010) Best Actress Cannes.

BLACK SWAN coach to Vincent Cassel (2010)

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“I studied English for five years with Vernice Klier who worked on my films and rehearsed my roles with me. It was Vernice who gave me confidence in myself.”

Juliette Binoche – France

“Vernice is a true visionary, a gifted artist and a highly effective teacher. When it comes to art, business of art, communications and education, she is simply the best one out there. She quickly finds solutions for artists and for people who want to communicate better with others whether on stage, in film or in person.”

Yaniv Rokah, director QUEEN MIMI

“Vernice Klier is the most effective acting coach I have ever worked with. She has incredible insight with character development and delivery and she has changed the way I approach my work. Coaching with Vernice is a must for me prior to performing or auditioning in New York or Boston to assure I get to my best outcome. “

Francene Amari – Actor 


« Dear Vernice, thanks to your workshop I just got a part in a series. 1. Connecting people : Myriam Tekaia gave me the casting contact. 2. I sent them a message. 3. got an immediate callback for the next day. 4. used all that I learned from you, (keywords, drawings, personality appraisal chart…) and GOT THE JOB. Hip hip hip ! »

Zohar Wexler – Actor

” Vernice Klier is not only an acting coach, but a life coach! Private lessons with Vernice were the most intense and challenging I could have imagined from any acting course, even a long-term course.

To build trust in such a short period of time is truly a talent. I remember thinking how fortunate I was to have come across such a great teacher; one who not only guides me, but shows me the tools I have inside myself. How great it is to have discovered those!

Vernice is delightful and full of enthusiasm for her work, making us the best we can be. “

Katerina Khramova – Actress

“Hidden behind that pretty face is an extremely creative mind.” 

Denis Carlsen

” Getting free, creating a safe place to take risks, working simply and honestly, these are all values Vernice looks for in the actor. Starting from an honest kernel and taking it to ‘performance level’.
Vernice creates a safe and nurturing environment conducive to exciting work. And the work by fellow actors was something to emulate.”

Laura Adam D’Arista – Actress

” I had the incredible opportunity to study with Vernice when, as soon as I turned 18, I moved to Los Angeles to enroll at LAPAC where I met her. Working with Vernice not only improved my English and my American accent, but it made me more confident when I would go out to audition. I totally recommend her, she will enhance your career and your life. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her! GRAZIE VERNICE! ” 

Federico Pedroni – actor, Italy

“Vernice is fearless which is a very powerful position to adopt as a performer and invaluable as a coach. She is able to pinpoint an actor’s areas of weakness and give you immediate and practical tools to help you solve the problem. I recommend Vernice highly if you have an important audition or simply need to develop or refine the skills you need to succeed as a professional performer.”

Kamala Lopez, actress and director, heroicafilms

“Vernice Klier is an absolute godsend for actors . A master of movement, language skills and acting. Vernice is exceptionally gifted in helping actors remove obstacles and freeing the artist to give their best to their craft.”

-Joel Marshall
Actor and Producer

” The work I did with Vernice Klier gave me some very precious and useful skills to be aware of in front of a camera. I would have never found them by myself, and I feel very grateful that she did it with such acuteness and love. She helped me for auditions, in a very short time, as well as for long-term work on building a character for a film. I’m very happy to get back to her, because I know I will always learn something new about acting, and, more over, about myself. “

Dounia Sichov, actress

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Vernice Klier

Cell France: 0033 (0)6 07 35 80 08
Cell US: 001 310 309 0815


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